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Biomass for business

Biomass boilers are an ideal solution for a business throwing away precious profits on heating costs.  Heating costs for a company are often overlooked and put down to a necessary outgoing, but it doesn't have to be!

You could be saving hundreds of pounds on your heating bill every year with a biomass boiler.  

With the non-domestic RHI scheme incentvising the switch to renewables it may not only save you money, but also be very financially rewarding to "Go Green"


With the savings made by switching from fossil fuels, and the governments non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) paying non-domestic users a quaterly payment direct to their bank, renewable heating really is a financially viable option.  Saving and earning money just for switching to biomass.


Our team are able to complete a site survey, and guide you from start to finish with your renewable heating project, creating a fully bespoke system to suit the needs of your premises.  Each biomass boiler system is tailored specifically to what you require.



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Finance available

Here at J D Energy Services we understand that for a business, cash flow is an important aspect.  With this in mind, we have partnered up with a couple of finance companies whoa re able to offer you 100% finance on your biomass boiler installation.  The repayments are in line with the RHI income, and usually paid off within 5 years, leaving you witha further 15 years of profit (whilst still saving on your fuel costs!).